Welcome to the Scarborough Public Library Expansion Website

The Scarborough Public Library provides access and services to a very active and growing cross-section of residents including seniors, youth, businesses, and families all while keeping pace with the nation’s technological growth curve. Annual library visits have exceeded 132,710 visits and are expected to exceed 185,000 in the next 20 years.

Helping with the expansion process avoids putting these consistently high quality services at risk. For over 120 years the free library has provided a public space and common ground at the heart of the Scarborough community. This site is intended to show how an expansion is necessary to continue that leadership well into the future.

Image showing existing library footprint


Our current footprint is 12,884 square feet, making us one of the smallest libraries in Maine per capita at .64 feet per resident. The building was designed for outward expansion when it was built in 1989.

Imaging showing proposed footprint


This proposed footprint (still only a draft) adds 22,000 more square footage, extending the library outward as originally planned and upward over the new first floor construction. This expansion would place our library just above the library average size in Maine, based on sq. ft. per resident. 

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