Making our case for expansion

Chart showing relative sizes of libraries in Maine per capita
1. We are the smallest library per capita in one of the fastest growing towns in Maine

We are already one of the smallest libraries per capita in Maine at .64 square feet per person. Even if we double our current space, we'll still be below average in size. On top of this, Scarborough 's population is expected to grow to 27,000 over the next ten years. Clearly space constraints are impacting the quality and quantity of our services and collections now and will do so more profoundly into the near future.

We've already demonstrated, however, that we don't need to be the biggest library to be one of the best. Just like thirty years before, our expanded and renovated new spaces will be highly efficient and flexible, built to be adaptable for many years to come.

Image showing people planning around a table
2. We've planned appropriately

The library has been planning for this expansion over many years and has worked carefully with the town and other stakeholders throughout the process.

Image showing congested staff workspace
3. We need more space to maintain and improve our services

It's not just that we are running out of space to maintain our current services, but with the proper space there's so much more we could do ... and do well.

Ultimately, of course, it's up to each voter and potential donor to decide if these new and improved services are worth the cost.



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