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Below is an early draft of our proposed floor plan. Keep scrolling down to learn how each of our services will be greatly improved with adequate space. We welcome your comments and suggestions at the bottom of each page.

Early Floorplan Draft
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An image of books stacks in a library


Our goals with designing new collections spaces are to:

  • Lower shelves to make them more accessible while improving sightlines
  • Provide more reading nooks for both adults and children to enjoy reading while in the library
  • Design these spaces, and the shelving itself, to be highly adaptable into the future.
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An image of a meeting room in a library

Meeting Rooms

We hope to expand our meeting spaces, making them:

  • both reservable and accessible after hours,
  • prioritized for nonprofit community groups,
  • also available to our entrepreneurial community for an affordable fee.
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Image of a woman and child reading

Youth Services

We need to expand an already active, welcoming children's area to accommodate more families, encourage constructive play, and foster reading. Our goals for an expanded children's space are to:

  • Acoustically separate the youth areas from the rest of the library using glass dividers;
  • Right-size our shelving for kids;
  • Provide a separate story-time space that is more appropriate (and available) for this essential activity than a shared, utilitarian Meeting Room;
  • Create more space for constructive play;
  • Create more comfortable reading areas.
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Image showing a media lab at another library

Computer Lab

Our goals are to:

  • Connect a computer lab to our meeting room space for improved accessibility to community groups;
  • Use adaptive training tables that allow computers to be hidden and secured when not needed;
  • Use adaptive furniture and connected enclosed spaces to provide maker-space services when not being used for training.
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An image showing gallery space in a library


Local artists and craftspeople know there are very few, if any, public gallery spaces in Scarborough. The library must reject frequent requests to show local art due to a lack of appropriate wall space.

Our goal is to create this space in combination with our public meeting areas, especially within the areas that connect our meeting rooms with the rest of the library.

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An image showing a maker space in a library

Maker Spaces

Our goals are to provide:

  • Maker Spaces targeting entrepreneurial adults in the community who need an affordable space to create videos, high quality podcasts, 3D Prints, colorful brochures, and more. 
  • Maker Spaces targeting youth where children and teens can be creative and learn new skills while having fun.

Our library currently does not have any room for a Maker Space. We do, however, have many robots, circuit games, fabrics and other such materials tucked away and used much less frequently than we'd like.

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An image of a quiet space

Quiet Areas

Our goals include: 

  • adding glass dividers to isolate louder areas;
  • creating a separated quiet area at the back of the library with comfortable seating for reading, study and reflection;
  • adding small, distraction-free study nooks throughout the library.
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Image showing cramped space for staff


Our staff space goals include:

  • Giving staff more space to do their work;
  • Expanding areas to accommodate our robust volunteer program;
  • Moving the Systems Librarian office adjacent to public computing;
  • Making our holds pickup shelving accessible to the public;
  • Enlarging distribution space to accommodate expanded resource sharing with other libraries.
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An image showing a teen space in a library


The library currently has only a small space dedicated to teens. With our proximity to both the Middle School and High School, we aren't able to offer the space they need.

Noise is also an issue with our open floor plan. We hope to create an ample, relaxing space to support teen activities, while keeping the rest of the library reasonably quiet!

We also want more distraction free areas throughout the library where teens can focus on their studies after school.

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