Collection Space Needs

Image of proposed floorplan


While our maxim is Connections Beyond Collections, it is still a priority to improve access to materials we loan out in great numbers. While the death of printed books has been greatly exaggerated, we can limit our collection size partly due to better cooperative sharing throughout the State.

Our goals with designing new collections spaces are to:

  • Lower shelves to make them more accessible while improving sightlines
  • Provide more reading nooks for both adults and children to enjoy reading while in the library
  • Design these spaces, and the shelving itself, to be highly adaptable into the future.


An image showing lower shelves
Lower shelves offer many advantages

Lower shelving improves accessibility, provides better sightlines for staff and can make the overall library space brighter and more inviting.

An image of a library with flexible shelving
Shelving should be flexible

We'll be looking to add shelving that is flexible enough to hold multiple types of materials as collections change.

An image showing shelving with wheels
Collections move, wheels help

Not only do we want the shelves to adapt to different types of materials, but they should also be moveable as space needs change over time.

An image of creative shelving in youth areas
Creative shelving can add to the magic of a children's area

We think children's picture books are here to stay for the long term. A little creativity with this type of shelving might be warranted.

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