Maker Space Needs

Floorplan image showing maker space areas


Maker Spaces come in all shapes and sizes at public libraries throughout the world and are very popular.

  • Maker Spaces targeting adults typically serve the role of supporting entrepreneurs in the community who need an affordable space to create videos, high quality podcasts, 3D Prints, colorful brochures, and more. 
  • Maker Spaces targeting youth provide a space where children and teens can be creative and learn new skills while having fun.

Our library currently does not have any room for a Maker Space. We do, however, have many robots, circuit games, fabrics and other such materials tucked away and used much less frequently than we'd like.

Presentation space image
Video Production

Many Maker Spaces include video and/or audio production studios. We hope to provide at least one reservable, enclosed space that can double as production studio as well accommodate small workgroups and meetings.

Image of 3D Printing
3D Printing

Libraries can provide access to tools and services in maker spaces not easily found elsewhere. Both entrepreneurs and curious teens will benefit from having access to tools such as 3D printers.

Image showing one of our robots
Letting our robots roll free

A Maker Space would allow us to bring out our six programmable robots more frequently for our young users to enjoy.

Image showing crafts in a Maker Space
Crafting without electrical wires

Not all of the activities we'd provide in a Maker Space require electricity. We have bead boards and other crafts ready to be put to use more often.

Image showing children working with circuit boards
Building together

Only a public library can provide supervised space accessible to everyone in the community 7 days a week.

Image of child with hard hat on ready to go to work
Like what you see? Let's get to work!

We need your help to get this done. Please consider making a pledge to our expansion effort and/or lending us your ideas and energy. At the very least, please vote in November regarding the expansion and encourage others to vote as well. 

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