Meeting Space Needs

Floorplan image showing meeting space areas


Our two meeting spaces are heavily used for both library programming and outside users. We turn away many requests each month from Scarborough groups looking for affordable, well-managed and accessible meeting spaces.

We hope to expand our meeting spaces, making them:

  • both reservable and accessible after hours,
  • prioritized for nonprofit community groups,
  • also available to our entrepreneurial community for an affordable fee.


Meeting space image
Flexible meeting spaces

Our current meeting room is heavily used, but very inflexible and unable to accommodate large presentations. Our plans are to offer a space that can hold up to 100 people, but also be flexible enough to be divided into smaller spaces as needed.

Meeting space image
Smaller meeting spaces

We currently can offer only one large meeting space. We hope to offer smaller workgroup spaces that would be reservable and accessible even when the library is closed.

Meeting space image
Media lab connection

We don't even have a computer lab now, but when we do we want it to be connected to the public meeting space so that it can be better utilized by both the library staff and our community.

Image showing passkey access at door
After hours access

We want to provide safe, managed access to reserved meeting room space even during hours the library isn't open. We want this to be the community's space, not just the library's.

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Like what you see?

Help us with a pledge to meet our fundraising commitment; with your energy and ideas; or, at the very least, with your vote in November!


When the library is supported by donations and taxpayer dollars, the meeting rooms should be available without cost. Should I forego my donation to the library and save it to pay to rent a meeting room when I need it? Taxpayers are being hit from all angles- fees, taxes and donations.

Fri, 01/31/2020 - 18:53
Anonymous (not verified)

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