Staff Space Needs

Floorplan image showing staff space areas


While our staff has only grown by 17% over the last thirty years, storage and processing needs have encroached on our limited staff space. Our goals for improving our staff space include:

  • Providing either a walled office, or at least access to a shareable walled office, for all staff with supervisory responsibilities;
  • Expanding space to accommodate our robust volunteer program;
  • Moving the Systems Librarian office out of a closet and adjacent to public computing to provide better technology assistance;
  • Making our holds pickup shelving accessible to both staff and the public, allowing for (optional) self-serve holds pickup;
  • Enlarging dstribution space to accommodate expanded resource sharing with other libraries.
Image of Systems Librarian space
Move our Systems Librarian out of the back closet

Our plan is to move the Systems Librarian office to a location adjacent to public computing for added support while also giving him or her space to repair and stage IT equipment.

Image of library's current backroom workspace
Provide better space to support our robust volunteer program

The library has a robust volunteer and community service program that currently shares a cramped backroom space with staff.

Image showing compact shelving
Utilize compact shelving? Done that.

The library already invested in compact shelving in 2017. This has helped with, but certainly not solved, our storage shortage.

Image showing books shared with other libraries
Resource sharing requires more processing space

We're sharing many more items with other libraries than in the past, which allows us to store fewer items, but also requires more distribution space than our library was designed for thirty years ago.

Image of self-serve holds pickup in Iowa City Public Library
Space for self-serve holds pickup

We plan to expand our circulation space to give users the option of self-serve holds pickup. We also plan to expand our other popular self-service options while continuing to provide personalized, in-person, circulation services.

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