Youth Services Space Needs

Floorplan image showing the youth services area


We need to expand an already active, welcoming children's area to accommodate more families, encourage constructive play and celebrate reading. Our goals for an expanded children's space are to:

  • Acoustically separate the youth areas from the rest of the library using glass dividers;
  • Right-size our shelving for kids;
  • Provide a separate story-time space that is more appropriate (and available) for this essential activity than a  shared, utilitarian Meeting Room;
  • Create more space for constructive play;
  • Create more comfortable reading areas.
Image of girl browsing a shelf of books in a library
Right-sized, easily browsable shelving

We want to keep our book stacks in Youth Services inviting and accessible for curious young minds.

Image of children in Maker Space
Maker Space for kids and teens

We hope to create a flexible Maker Space where our young patrons can experiment with robots, circuit boards and an assortment of crafts.

An image showing cozy reading space in a Kansas library
Cozy reading nooks

While we won't have the space (or dry-cleaning budget) for a giant teddy bear, we would like a few cozy spaces for reading.

Image showing glass dividers in youth service area
Acoustically separated space

We hope to acoustically separate our youth services from the rest of the library while still keeping it open and inviting.

An image of a story-time space at a library in California
Appropriate story-time space

Unlike most public libraries, we don't have an appropriate story-time space despite the popularity of this essential service. We have the stories and fantastic story-tellers; we just need the right space to make it even better.

Image of a women holding a We Need You! sign
Do you agree?

We need your help to create more magical spaces for our younger patrons.

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